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My name is David Meneer. I was brought up in Mawnan. I started my education at Mawnan C of E with
David Rickard, Robert Maunder, Ann Trenear, Margaret Wright,
I am thinking how great it would be to have a school reunion, my wife and I will be in
Mawnan September 2019, staying will Penny and Tony Barbary,

Please forward this to any interested persons.

Thanks, David & Chris Meneer Dipper Harbour New Brunswick Canada


Join our friendly and relaxed group enjoying practising your French. No grammar! Just talking. Free taster.

For more information:
Facebook @ Kernow French Speaking Group



Abbeyfield, Mawnan Smith.

We have a number of vacancies at this independent living home catering for a maximum of nine actively minded older people.
In addition to all meals, we offer comfortable studio accommodation with en-suite bathrooms and all other daily living costs, including council tax and heating, for an affordable cost of about £1300 / month.

If you would like
to learn about this charity run by local volunteers please ring
Debbie Farrow on 01326250796 during the day
or on 07870213614 at other times.


24th May 2016

I'm getting in touch because I was on a walk yesterday from the national trust car park at Bosveal down to Grebe beach, going through the woodland path that leads off from the car park. On the walk through the woods I lost my ring. It's of huge sentimental value as its not only my engagement ring but it also contains a blue stone that my dad brought for my mum many years ago, and she has now sadly passed away. My husband had this stone made into the ring for me when he proposed. Beatrice in the spar shop has kindly put a notice up for me and I've also placed one on the village notice board. Would you please be able to post something on your website asking if anyone finds the ring to phone me or to hand it into the spar shop? My number is 07710956734. The ring is silver with a single blue pale stone. The band is also very distinct as when you look at it from the side it widens at one end. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

I also wanted to say thank you to an extremely kind gentleman who lives in the village who despite never having met me kindly loaned me his metal detector to search for the ring. I was very sad yesterday by losing it but extremely heartened by the generosity and kindness everyone in the village and on the walk
showed me.

Yours sincerely


Information sought on Henry Rougier

Greetings from aged person b1935 Nansidwell.
Researching some local history, please. Any information regarding one "Henry Rougier" who has a small stained glass window dedicated to his memory in Mawnan Parish Church - would be most welcome - my Father and myself (as a very small boy) met this Gentleman every Sunday morning on our way to Church Service. Any information would be most welcome.

Replies to please.
Henry Taysom (born Nansidwell, Gardener's Cotage, January 13th. 1935)

Special Services Operations in the Helford during World War 11 

Crew of the "Sunbeam, a vessel used to deliver secret agents to France

Mawnan Old Cornwall Society is keen to hear from the descendants of a crew member - Harold Cudd. Did he talk about his time in the Helford, and visiting the Shipwrights Arms ??

It is possible that Harold marred Barbara Edwards in Dec 1945, and had a daughter Susan (1946), and son Peter (1947).

Any information please, to Sylvia King 01326-250382


Find a Speech & Language Therapist


We run a site called Find a Speech & Language Therapist ( which offers a free service for finding speech and language therapists and as well as local support groups / charities. Our goal is to provide an individual or family with the information which enables them to make informed therapy decisions and address whatever health need they have. Often with speech therapy matters we have found that people are not aware of what can be done, and so can not and do not make changes which might benefit their quality of life. Therefore we hope, by raising the profile of speech therapy, to enable others to make these changes.

Find a Speech & Language Therapist


The Cinnamon Trust

01736 758707
The Cinnamon Trust Needs You.

Dog walking volunteers urgently required in Mawnan Smith

The Cinnamon Trust is a national charity for the elderly and terminally ill and their much loved, much needed pets.
Volunteers help to keep owners and pets together either by walking a dog for a housebound owner, fostering pets when the owners need hospital care and even cleaning out a bird cage.
Unfortunately we have a shortage of volunteers who are able to offer some much needed walks for a lovely 2 year old Dachshund who lives in Mawnan Smith.
The Cinnamon Trust is desperate for volunteers in this area even if you can only offer an hour a week it will improve the dog's quality of life and give the owners peace of mind.
If anyone can help please call Sally on 01736 758707
Or email
Please check out the web site for more details
Registered Charity No 1134680. The Cinnamon Trust is a limited company registered in England & Wales. Company Number 07004861


Open Meeting with Cornwall Council - 2nd October 2013

The meeting was an opportunity for residents to comment on the proposal. The Chairman, Roger Harding, advised that they were not able to answer questions, but any comments made would be discussed at the Planning meeting on 21st October, at which two speakers for and two against, would be allowed to comment

6 speakers supported the application, citing

the need for affordable homes for younger people, without which the village would stagnate, businesses would close, and the heart of the village would be lost

the Shute Hill development had been bitterly opposed in the 1970s but was now a good mix of young families, working couples and senior citizens

although there were over 20 properties on the market in Mawnan only a couple were anywhere near "affordable"

the development, along with footpaths and parking, has been supported by the Parish Council since the 2006 Parish Plan consultation

Some of the supporters, whilst in favour of a development, felt the number and mix of houses was not right


9 speakers were against the proposal, as were a good proportion of the residents present at the meeting

Their argument centred on

the diversion of a public footpath into the development

the lack of sales in the Castle View development

the high visibility of the homes in an AONB

the increase in vehicular movements through the village

the risk to children using the proposed pavement to the shops

the places available at the school and pre-school

the relevance of the 2006 Parish Plan - no update has been done

the proximity to the existing properties in Carlidnack Road

the disposal of the many thousands of gallons of rainwater, whilst protecting existing properties in Carlidnack and Bareppa

would the Social Needs housing be allocated to truly "local" families?

isn't the better option the field at the other side of Sampys Hill?

growth should be appropriate for the size of the village

Latest 25th October

The planning application was turned down by 1 vote


Update 29/5/13

Formal Planning Application imminent.

There have been some changes to the plans since the original ideas were floated

the number of dwellings has been REDUCED

the development has been moved a further 10 metres away from existing properties

a tree planting scheme has been included

Posted 11/1/2013

Public Meeting in Mawnan Memorial Hall, 05.01.13

The meeting was promoted less than one week in advance by:

- Posters displayed in public places within the village including the Notice Board.
- Leaflet drop to houses adjacent to the proposed site and further afield.
- Announcement on the Parish Community Website.
- Word of mouth.

1. Reprise of Development

a) A reprise of the proposed development of 46 dwellings was given. (Information taken from the developer’s website plus responses received from CSA Architects at Exhibition 11.12.12).

b) A representative scale drawing of an elevation depicting the height of a new house in relation to a typical existing property in Carlidnack Road and the level of Carlidnack Road itself, was shown. (This view is not shown on the developer’s website and was prepared by an attendee to help bring the visual impact of the development into context).

2. Responses to questions

A request for votes / show of hands on the following questions was called:

a) Exhibition by Westcountry Land at MMH 11th December: how many of you were aware of this event before it took place? 34 (42%)

b) How many of you attended? 23 (29%)

c) Prior to the Exhibition, who had any knowledge whatsoever of the proposed development? 26 (33%)

d) How many of you agree that if the scheme goes through Cornwall Council Planning and is subsequently referred to the Parish Council, then there should be a specific open Parish Council meeting at which the developer can re-present the latest version of the scheme and that the general public can ask questions of both the developer and the Parish Council? 79 (99%)

3. Key Numbers

c) Number of attendees: 80 plus 3 organisers. Apologies were received from a few other residents unable to make the meeting.

d) Number of attendees supplying name and contact details: 64.

e) Of 64 attendees supplying name and contact details:

- those supporting the development: 0 (0%)
- those ‘unsure’: 8 (12%)
- those opposing: 45 (70%)
- abstainers / no comment 11 (17%)

4. Key Points raised by Attendees

a) Drainage – several attendees pointed out that surface water run-off from Goldmartin Field (the proposed site) has been a historical problem. The level of the field being higher than Carlidnack Road (and properties off Carlidnack Road), water from the field runs into gardens, drives, the footpath and across Carlidnack Road in the direction of the valley. The owners of the property named ‘Gold Martin’ in Carlidnack Road, reported that the lower part of their property lies below ground level and there is approx 1” ‘tolerance’ on a doorstep that prevents water seeping in. Naturally, there is a major concern that a development that replaces much of the field with housing and tarmac would increase the rate of surface water drain-off.

b) Sewage – the question was raised as to whether the additional volume could be adequately coped with.

c) Traffic - several attendees alluded to the narrowness of roads in the central part of the village and that additional residents, all likely to be car-owners, would add to issues of traffic volume and safety.

d) Pedestrian Safety – following on from the above, it was mentioned that the narrow village roads are generally hazardous for pedestrians including dog walkers heading to /from open spaces. Without provision of a pavement / footpath from the development entrance to the village, residents of the new development and other villagers could be at risk when walking on the road.

e) Primary School – it is reasonable to assume that children of primary school age would be present in such a development, yet there is currently no further capacity at the village school.

f) Castle View Park Development – it was reported that this current development of both affordable and open market properties has effectively come to a halt, as the developer is unable to find buyers and is widening the purchaser criteria to ‘anyone with a connection to Cornwall’.

5. General Feeling

The overwhelming reaction was that the development is not appropriate for Mawnan Smith and not wanted.

Meeting Organisers: Mr I McGonagle, Mr D Morgan, Mrs J Smith.


Once an application for planning has been received by Cornwall Council:

- a notice will be placed in the West Briton.
- a poster will be displayed adjacent to the site.
- residents in adjoining properties should receive a letter (don’t assume that this will definitely happen for all households).
- Details of the application will appear on the Environment & Planning section of Cornwall Council website:
- Comments can be made on the website or in writing.
- It will take up to 12 weeks for C C Planning to consider the application.
- Once the plans have been passed to the Parish Council, they will be available to view in the Parish Clerk’s office within Parker Berry on Thursdays & Fridays between 10 am and 12 noon.
- There will be a cut-off date for comments (3 weeks after the plans have been passed to the Parish Council), so do get them in as soon as possible.

Researching the past

I am a member of a local history group in Kings Bromley, near to Lichfield in Staffordshire.

At present I am researching the descendents of our last Lord of the Manor, John HHV Lane who died here in 1917.

His son, Thomas Vincent Lane, sold Kings Bromley Manor in 1928 and first went to live in Ifield, near Crawley in Sussex. I believe that in about the mid - 1930's he moved to Mawnan Smith and lived there until he died in 1948. He had a large house with a few acres of grounds forming a valley leading down to the sea. I believe this house was called Treworgan.

I wonder if your Society (Mawnan Old Cornwall) has any information about either Tommy Lane or Treworgan, please? We understand that Tommy and his wife, Pamela, had two children, Thomas and Jane, born in Mawnan.

Any information you may be able to let me have, or suggestions where any relevant information may be found, would be much appreciated. It is quite a long journey from Kings Bromley to Falmouth and it is unlikely that we would make that journey before next summer.

Ken Bowcock, Kings Bromley Historians



I am looking for any details of an ancestor of mine, a Dr Sanderson Walker born about 1790 in Mawnan (Christened 7 Nov 1790), married Emma Henrietta Popplewell when he moved to St Michals, Azores, Ponta Delgada, Portugal where he was the British Consul General. He died there 9 Feb 1860.

If anyone has any details of him or his family I would be only too pleased to hear from you.
Auckland, New Zealand



Having viewed a holiday let property advertised on the Mawnan Community website, we made a booking and looked forward to a two week stay in one of our favourite parts of Cornwall. Clearly, living over two hundred miles away we did not view either the outside, or the inside of the property before setting off at the end of July 2012 for our much looked forward to holiday.

However, upon arrival we were disappointed to find a much neglected property which we know from years of taking self catering holidays in Cornwall is very unusual. We felt unable to stay as not only was the property neglected, both inside, and out, it was also in urgent need of modernisation and deep cleaning.

I would urge potential holiday makers using community websites to make as many checks as possible before making an accommodation booking - finding that there is no availablity may be a good sign!!

A disappointed holidaymaker


Olympic Torch 19th May 2012

Dave Collins from Mawnan holds aloft the Olympic Torch on Day 1 of the journey

Light Up! Dave is second runner in Falmouth and takes the flame from the lead runner

He's Off!!

“What a Scorcher”
April 29th 2011

The sun shone, the delicious aroma of hog roast and burgers filled the air as over 700 residents and friends turned out to party and picnic in the Carwinion playing fields for our celebrations of the Royal wedding.

Photographs courtesy of Mark Parsons

As Ted Glover and I manned one of the entrance gates, you could feel the sense of excitement and anticipation as people arrived. But, perhaps the most heart warming reaction was the young boy who, as he walked into the field, looked round, smiled and said “This is paradise” - and he meant it. There were activities and entertainment for all ages and what we witnessed was a very special event; something which brought the whole community together with a sense of belonging and identity.

Of course events like this don't just happen, they take an amazing amount of time, organisation and dedication from the committee and the many helpers. So on behalf of Mawnan Parish Council I would like to thanks Michelle Dixon and Ruth Glover for chairing the committee; committee members: Beth Lawry; Jenny Ragg; Margaret Lugg; Bev Benney; Billy Dickson; Joe Miner and Gill Druce.

In addition I would like to place on record our grateful thanks for the generous support and sponsorship received from the following companies, associations, performers and individuals: Carwinion Playing Field Trustees; 20/20 design; Budock Vean Hotel; Brian Etherington Meats; The Red Lion; Berry and Co; Tim Lugg Plant Hire; Tremaine Plant Hire; Alanco; Mawnan Spar Shop; Mawnan WI; Mawnan Bowling Club; Fal Fish; MS Electrical; Asda; Trago Mills; Cornish Food Market: Mawnan Community Association; The Bluebells: Falmouth's Soul Sensation; Steve Owen; Evie Payne; Mawnan Mother's Union; Mawnan Wives; Unitedhighs; Pete Rawson; Sam Franklin; Jackie Perry; George Owen; Hayley Brown; Mawnan PTA; Mawnan Panto Group; Mawnan Methodist Chapel; Mawnan Memorial Hall; Hammer & Hoe; Mawnan Rainbows; Mawnan School and Mawnan Preschool.

Once again thanks to everybody and let's see if we can do it again some time! Did somebody mention the Queen's Diamond Jubilee on June 5th next year?

Cllr Denis Gartside

Chairman - Mawnan Parish Council

War Time Evacuee

Enquiry 14/11/2010 - Frank Clifton was evacuated to Mawnan in 1944, and billeted with Professor Momber at a house called "Trevarnack" . Now almost 80 years old, he seeks any information on the family

Response 15/11/2010 from information provided by Sylvia King, giving a contact no. for a family member

15/11/2010 - Further E mail from Frank Clifton
Thank you so very,very much for your email.
It came as a great surprise to read that you were able to provide me with the information on Robin Momber, who I remembered, was in the Royal Navy at the time, His sister Diana (who is still a Momber) who's telephone number you gave me was also in the WREN's at Falmouth.
I have now spoken to her over the phone, and we had a long chat about the time I spent there,she remembered me quite well, and reminded me of some of the things we got up to.
You may be interested to know how I came to try and get in touch.
Just recently I was asked by the local school here to give a talk to the children about my experiences as an evacuee, which prompted me to view your web site, now I am very glad I did.
Thank you so much for your help.
My kind regards,
Frank Clifton


Cat Owners Needed for Scientific Study.

If you own a cat and I haven't already contacted you please get in touch
I urgently need volunteers from Mawnan Smith for my MSc Conservation project
I am looking for people willing to fill in a survey of prey species their cat(s) bring home between Feb-June
I can also track your cat to see where they go if you wish
Any help would be appreciated
Please phone or email me

Mawnan revisited after 69 years

My name is Fred Thompson and both my wife and I visited your lovely village on Tuesday 29th September. The reason for our visit was because my wife was evacuated from Enfield in London, to Mawnan Smith in 1940 and had never been back since. She was only 4 years old at the time and most of the information she had came from her sister who was 14 at that time.

We were very pleased at the warm reception that we received from several of your villagers who we stopped to talk to. We learnt that the house in which my wife's family were billeted was a two storied prefabricated house built just after the First World War, next to St Michaels Church, just above the Smithy but was demolished and replaced by a more modern one that now stands on the site. My sister-in-law remembers attending the school, which sadly does not exist now.

The one thing my wife does remember, in her excitement at seeing bananas for the first time, rushed across the road (just above the Smithy) to tell her mother and got knocked down by two teenage boys on bikes. She often wonders if they are still alive. However,can I once again, thank you all for your very warm hospitality and your help in solving a few mysteries.


Fred & Sylvia Thompson

From Susie Hutson (Withington)

I should like to say a big thank you for the kindness of those who helped my Mum after she fell over in Mawnan Smith on Saturday 6th September. Mum had taken my dog for a stroll and to take a look at my son's new school (Mawnan) while we went into the Village Hall for the Country Fayre. I came out to see Mum sitting on a bench near The Square surrounded by people and covered in a fair amount of blood. She had tripped over Luna's lead while looking at the school.

Mum expressed how kind, thoughtful and helpful everyone in Mawnan had been!

She had some butterfly stitches to the cut on her chin and is fine now.

Thank you all, once again.



In Times of Emergency

East Anglian Ambulance Service have launched a national campaign, supported by Falklands war hero Simon Weston. The idea is that you store the word "ICE" in your mobile phone address book, and against it enter the number of the person you would want to be contacted "In Case of Emergency"

In an emergency ambulance and hospital staff will then be able to quickly find out who your next of kin are and contact them.

Malcolm Dearnley


Does anyone remember me ?

I have recently discovered this site on the Internet and am very pleased to know that the Old Smithy, Dryden James' workshop is to be preserved. I was a pupil at Mawnan school from 1940 until about 1943/44 and during those years came under the admirable tutelage of Dryden's sister Winnie (aka 'Miss'). What an idylic start to school life! I have so many detailed memories of those wartime days that will live with me for ever. I was SO crestfallen some years ago to discover that my old school had been demolished and been replaced by a non-descript block of whatever.

If there is anyone out there that may remember us, we lived at the Gardener's Cottage, Nansidwell - my Father, Geoffrey Taysom was Head Gardener at Nansidwell Hotel from 1933 until he joined the Army in 1942

email =
Henry Taysom

I am looking into our family history and know that my mother in law...Olwen Spencer{nee Frankis}...used to visit Mawnan Smith as a young girl with her mother..Ethel Audrey{nee Hoskins} stay with her grandmother ...Elsie{?}Perkins{nee James, and first marriage Hoskins} ... I understand that Mr Perkins ran the butchers in Mawnan Smith and that his wife was also a butcher.
I wonder if there is anyone in your community who has any information or memories about any of the above people, if so I would really appreciate it.
Thank you ..Pattie Spencer


We are trying to contact Johnathan Stanbury (d.o.b 11.03.61) who we understand resides in Mawnan Smith. We are related by marriage to Mary Dunkley of Leicester and would be grateful if Johnathan could contact us on either our home number (evenings or weekends) 01380 726 955 or John on his mobile 07906 315 689. Mary is not very well and has asked us to try to contact him. We would be very grateful if anyone knows him if they could ask him to contact us, either at this e-mail address of by phone.

Many thanks for your help

Kind regards

Julia and John Dunkley

Are you related to

Susannah Chantry ?

and does the date 21st October 1845

mean anything to you?

If so a friend of mine has something that she wishes to return to the family

Contact Sylvia King

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Click here and send me the details

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